To slice or not to slice?

Here is a question I recently received from

Friday nights my family & I have dinner at our favorite pizza restaurant.  Now that I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes I don’t know what to order.  Could you help me with what (if anything) I can order?

Pizza can actually be a healthy meal that you can treat yourself to every once in a while.  And it is great that your family has a weekly tradition that keeps you guys close and family oriented. 

 The trick to having a slice and eating it too is choosing the right toppings and portion sizes.  A better pizza option would be a veggie pizza with little or no cheese.  The pizza is just as good without the cheese as it is with it. Go ahead and try it!  If you are a meat lover try substituting your pepperoni for chicken or turkey.  When you fill your plate, try adding one slice at a time and chew slowly that way you can enjoy every moment of your slice.  Not only that but chewing slowly actually aids in digestion and allows you to feel full faster!  Drink water in between your bites to help slow you down.  Next time you go out ask if they have whole wheat dough and side salads with non fat dressings.  Now you have a little more power than you thought you did so you can now decide to slice or not to slice!


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